See my interview with SABR for insights into the future of the games!!!


  1. How did you get the source code?

    The source code was obtained directly from Lance, with his permission, and he is in contact with me about the work regularly. He was befriended by myself and Philip Lupi, who helped him understand our motives for obtaining the code. He is excited about seeing the games continue to get new life after so long.

  1. Can I obtain the source code?

    Of course! The source code is available in the GitHub repository where you download the games. The code is available under the Affero GPL license.

  1. Where can I get team files, schedules, etc.?

    Visit "Haffner Files" on Facebook for current and ongoing projects.

    Visit the "Community Files" Google drive for large packages of files for each sport.

  1. Can I help you in some other way?

    Of course! If you find any bugs, or have issues / requests, please submit them to the GitHub page for the project where you downloaded this. Otherwise, until I formally port the games to a new language, compiling them for Mac and Linux systems requires those systems to run and test on. Virtualization and containers help, but I only have one aging laptop to use.

  1. Where is Hat Trick Hockey? Rampage Wrestling? etc.

    The primary programmers for these games was not Lance; he simply helped distribute the games through his successful methods. It is not known what condition their sources are in, but I’d be glad to review them if available. These 4 games have kept me busy, however, and to improve them I need to narrow my focus.

  1. Does this change anything with the files I have?

    No intentional changes were made to how the code operates. All data will be read / stored in the same format, so any files you have from existing versions will work.

  1. When will you add feature x or update for modern rules?

    I have a structured plan for updating the games to add several features. You should confidently see significant releases in 2024. The exact timing of that will depend on the complexity of the work. But rest assured I am committed to seeing these games reach their full potential.

  1. Can you share your future plans for the games?

    Briefly, I plan simpler menus, expanded PBP, modern rules and more accurate simulation. Efforts to drive the game data from database files will be a huge part of the games achieving this potential in the future.

  1. Do you at least have a timeline for your work?
    My tentative goals are as follows:

  • By Winter 2024, releases should be ready that will have update rulesets and added features for gameplay.

  • By Spring 2024, I hope to have improved the AI of the games

  • I don’t expect significant changes to the supported utilities.

  1. Are you asking for money for this? I want to pay you!

    Freely you have received; freely give. [Matt 10:8]

    At this time, I am not providing information to receive donations or payment, but I am considering several different options to support future research.